Welcome all future members of the Nordic Garrison!

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Welcome all future members of the Nordic Garrison!

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So you've chosen the dark side? You won't regret it...

Welcome to the Nordic Garrison forum! We are a part of the non-profit organisation The 501st Legion serving Finland, Norway and Sweden. This is the home of the Nordic bad guys. In this thread you'll get tips, inspiration and help when choosing, making and applying for membership with your first baddie costume.

First of all, choose a costume that really speaks to you. You're going to spend many hours making it (and hopefully many hours wearing it).

Every costume has a CRL (Costume Reference Library) that works as a guideline for which parts are required and approvable for each costume. Be careful to study the CRL. When applying for membership your costume will be judged according to the CRL. Check out this page to find all the CRLs http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRL

All costumes are sorted into categories. For example all stormtroopers belong to the same group (or detachment as we call it) and that detachment has its own website. Here is a full list of every detachment http://www.501st.com/resources.php
On the detachment website you can get help and find useful links when making a costume. As a rule of thumb, never buy anything before getting a second opinion from someone who is very familiar with the costume and the CRL. (Too many members have spent money buying and building parts and costumes of poor quality that might not be approved. Note that the 501st Legion focus solely on screen accurate costumes meaning that massproduced costumes most likely won't do)

When you have decided on one of the wonderful costumes you can create a WIP (work in progress) thread on our Nordic Garrison forum or on the detachment forum. By doing this you can get help and also help others making the same costume.

Are you done with your costume? Then you'll have to apply for approval! Remember: you have to be at least 18 years old to become a full member of Nordic Garrison.
You'll have to take pictures of yourself in your costume (for detailed instructions, follow the link above), send them to the Nordic Garrison GML (GML@nordicgarrison.net) and fill out the online application http://www.501st.com/members/join_form.php.

Good luck!


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