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Tips on the new CRL for Nihilus COTF

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 19:09
by 47011
Noticed the change of the CRL, with the hard mask insted of blackout mask.
I need help with this and your personal opinions.
* Are there good masks to find? Or does one have to make that yourself?
* Are there examples of other Nihilus and their masks?
* What is your opinion on hard mask vs blackout mask (the old CRL)?
* What is your opinion on using black makeup instead? (and ofc mask out the eyes with mesh fabric)

My current "problem" is that my current white mask is kind of form fitted for my face, and will therefor not fit well over a not formfit blackout mask I am afraid.

And I that was almost ready to post my costume (final touches was to be made only), so this is a bump in the road.

Best regards
(The one wearing Nihilus costume at Älvsjö-mässan this last winter, that was invited backstage for a quick review)

Re: Tips on the new CRL for Nihilus COTF

Posted: 15 Aug 2018, 09:31
by 52583

have you checked for any tips and tricks? I have never tried sculpting a mask myself, but maybe that can be done. There is black resin for casting (like here: ... /index.php).

Or just get a generic black mask, get approved, and then work on improving it ;)

As the CRL now states hard mask you can never get approved with a soft/blackout mask or makeup unfortunately.

Good luck!

Re: Tips on the new CRL for Nihilus COTF

Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 21:25
by 47011
Hum. Very little info on this matter as it seems so far on that forum. May be on other costumes? Is there other costumes with similar requirement that I can look into also?

Re: Tips on the new CRL for Nihilus COTF

Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 21:48
by 47011



Here is btw pictures of the current progress. Feel free to give feedback. I have myself noticed that the knot is positioned a bit low, so I will try to fix that. And I now notice there is a small disformation in the front on the head, but I think that is only from excess fabric, so that will be an easy fix. I also work on making the "horns" a bit rounder.

But what about the rest. Am I closing in on this?