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Forum Rules

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The Nordic Garrison forum is run according to the following guidelines. All members accept to follow them as part of their membership of this forum.

General forum etiquette
- Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at other topics and see where your topic should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it may be moved by a moderator.
- If you are linking to external content, you should link directly to that content. It is unacceptable to use link-thru systems to mask the originating URL, and cases where this is found to be happening may be edited or removed as appropriate.

Costuming questions
- We would ask non-members not to answer costuming questions here unless directly asked to do so. We take pride in our knowledge and we also follow guidelines given by Lucasfilm on which details we can post or not.
- Links may be made directly to sellers of Star Wars costumes if the seller has a publicly available website, Facebook page or similar. Email addresses and other contact details may not be posted without the express permission of the seller.

Forum abuse
- There will be no profanity or foul language. A profanity filter will block many inappropriate words but any that are not automatically edited should be reported (see Moderation below) and handled by the Captain of the Guard and his / her team
- Use of another user's account to gain access to information not available to you or to influence the outcome of any votes is strictly forbidden.
- There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discrimination.
- Personal attacks and inflammatory or antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. If you want to post criticism, please do so constructively. Generalised, vicious or veiled attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated.
- Spamming and derailing is not permitted. If you have a question or comment not related to a thread then start a new thread instead of interrupting an ongoing discussion.
- Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit or offensive.
- Selling products is only permitted by forum members who have access to the Trading Post area of the forum. Sales threads in other areas is not allowed.
- Any impersonation of a user within these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
- Pornography, warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.
- Continued abuse of any of these rules will lead to expulsion from the forum.

- Moderation will only be done based on a forum report from a user who finds a post offensive, inappropriate or irrelevant.
- If you wish to report something, click the ! button on the relevant post. Please provide as much information as possible for the CoG team to base their decision on.
- Once moderated, a user may not argue a moderators decision publicly. Any and all complaints should be directed to the moderator via PM.
- Posts may be reported if they breach the forum guidelines in any way (see above).
- Linked and locked topics may be pruned regularly to reduce page clutter. If you have a question about where your topic went, please PM a Moderator or Administrator before starting a new topic asking where it went, or posting a duplicate of the original topic. We will be happy to provide you with a link to the new location, or a reason why it was locked and/or removed.

Enforcement of rules
- To help enforce the guidelines a system of forum warnings & suspensions is now in effect.
- This is separate from the Legion's disciplinary actions. This is according to Article IV in the charter under Unit Officers:
"The CO also appoints the Garrison officers and staff, and administers local forum rules."
- Anyone who does not adhere to the guidelines will be issued a warning via PM explaining how they have breached the guidelines. They will also be asked to change their own post.
- Should they not adhere to the warning a public warning will be issued along with the moderation of the post by the CoG team. The public warning will count as the 1st warning.
- Subsequent warnings will result in:
  • 2nd warning: 1 week suspension from the forum.
    3rd warning: 1 month suspension from the forum.
    4th warning: 501st Legion member: A hearing will be requested for "conduct unbecoming a trooper".
    Non-501st Legion member: A forum suspension of no less than 3 months. Depending on the offence it may be necessary for a lifetime ban.
- A first warning is valid for six months from the day the warning is issued.
- If the offence is considered to be serious enough, then the CoG team may choose to escalate it to a higher level immediately.
- Warnings are tracked & logged in the CoG team forum.

Please note that this is primarily to enforce local NG rules but may also be used to enforce Legion rules & guidelines as according to the Charter, Operations Protocol and the Trooper Survival Guide.


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