Nordic Base: Costuming

Our costumes in Nordic Base are, obviously, a huge part of what we do. We are very proud of the high level of screen accuracy to which we keep. If you plan to make a costume then we suggest you contact the Nordic base members who have already made the same costume. The best way is to log onto our local forums or the main Rebel Legion forums.

On the Rebel Legion main website you can find a great overview on all Rebel costumes. The costume standards list the minimum requirements for a costume to be accepted for membership in the Rebel Legion.

You can also read more about requirements and how to apply for membership in our FAQs.

Nordic Base costume categories are:

Jedi (Mara Jade, A’Sharad Hett, Satele Shan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker etc)

Dignitaries (Jar Jar Binks, Marasiah Fel, Mon Mothma, Handmaidens, Cordé, Padmé, Leia Organa etc)

Officers (Yavin Communication Officers, Coruscant Officer, Rebel Captain, General Jan Dodonna etc)

Pilots (Corran Horn, Luke Skywalker, Clone Pilots, A-Wing pilot , B Wing Pilot etc)

Troopers (Endor Commando, Yavin Honor Guard, Hoth Hanger Trooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper etc)

Allies (Malakili, Lobot, Beru Lars, Tusken Raider, Twi’Lek Slave Dancers etc)

Clone Troopers (ARC Null Class, Clone Trooper Soldier, Galactic Marines, Clone Pilots etc)

Fringe (Wookiees, Tarfful, Chewbacca, Han Solo etc)

Costume support

The Rebel Legion has a number of detachments; groups that specialize in these specific costume groups. Members of these detachments within a base can create a detachment sub-unit within the base. Each unit has a namne and a leader, and is there to support the use and making of these costumes within the Nordic Base territory.

Aurora Delegation
The Aurora Delegation work with all things connected to the senate and the royal courts of the galaxy. This is the group for queens and princesses, but senators and senatorial guards are included as well.
Delegation Leader – Maria Krogstrup Hareskov

Polar Clan
This group is not specialized on a certain costume type, but who’s wearing the costume. The Polar Clan gathers all non-humans in the Nordic Base, no matter if they are tusken raiders, jedi or smugglers.
Clan Leader – Camilla Lilja (Qui-Gina Jinn)

Taiga Squad
This is the group that concentrates on the troopers of the Rebel Alliance, as seen on for example Hoth and Endor.
Squad Leader – Johanna Nybelius (Obi Anne)

Temple of Northern Lights
This is where you find the jedi in the Nordic Base. Contact them if you have questions about any jedi costume, from Obi-Wan Kenobi to Mara Jade.
Temple Master – Kira Axelsen (Anakin Skywalker)

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