Nordic Garrison: Costumes

Our costumes are, obviously, a huge part of what we do. We are very proud of the high level of screen accuracy to which we keep.

If you are considering building your own Star Wars villain costume to join the 501st Legion then you will need to check out the Costume Reference Library (CRL) for your selected costume. That’s where you will find photos and a list of parts and details that must be in your costume for basic approval. Often you will also find second and even third level quality tiers that are for the absolute elite. CRL’s do not offer advice or give specifics on on how to construct a costume.

Detachments are where you will find experts who have built the costume(s) before and also lots of parts for sale, posting tips and tricks and guides for building. Most people start a “Work in Progress” thread on the relevant detachment forum in order to get feedback as they go along.

Definitely check out the Guide to CRL’s and New to the Legion Costumes for more information.

To browse all of the currently accepted costumes, you can go to either of these listings:

Browse the alphabetical list of all currently approved 501st costumes.

Browse our costumes grouped by Detachment.

If you want to drive or command the Imperial’s largest land-based war machines then look no further than the Armored Cavalry Detachment.

Armored Cavalry Detachment Costume List

Specialised equipment for cold climates is Blizzard Force’s area of expertise.

Blizzard Force Costume List

Is hunting the enemies of Empire for a hefty reward your idea of fun? Then check out the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Bounty Hunters Guild Costume List

With millions of identical soldiers, the Clonetrooper Detachment has a job to suit everyone.

Clonetrooper Detachment Costume List

Stormtroopers are the foot soldiers of the Empire. Almost half of all members have a stormtrooper costume and they all started off at the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment.

First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Costume List

The Star Wars universe is not just films and TV Series. There are books, video games, comics and much more. The characters who do not appear on screen can mostly be found aboard the Flagship Eclipse.

The Flagship Eclipse Costume List

Blasters and lightsabres! Who needs those when you have a superlaser! Join the Imperial Gunnery Detachment and destroy whole worlds in a single shot.

Imperial Gunnery Corps Costume List

Do you prefer to order people around rather than do the work yourself? Then the Imperial Officer Corps is the place for you!

Imperial Officer Corps Costume List

Why stay on the ground when you can zoom through space in your TIE Fighter. the 501st’s pilots all train at the Jolly Roger Squadron.

Jolly Roger Squadron Costume List

Join the Tuskens and Jawas of Tatooine in Krayt Clan.

Krayt Clan Costume List

Do you prefer to get dirty while staying safe from the burning sun? The Mos Eisley Police Department is waiting for you.

Mos Eisley Police Department Costume List

Riding fast speederbikes and moving quickly, the light infantry of the Empire can be found at the Pathfinders.

Pathfinders Costume List

If red lightsabres and the dark side of the Force call to you then join the Sith Lord Detachment.

Sith Lord Detachment Costume List

Do you put the life of your Emperor before your own? Then there is a place for you in the Sovereign Protectors.

Sovereign Protectors Costume List

 The elite troops of the Empire have a lot of special equipment to help them in their dangerous missions. Kit up at the Special Ops detachment.

Spec Ops Costume List

What a wretched hive of scum and villainy!

Underworld Costume List