Nordic Garrison: Organisation

Every year each garrison within the 501st Legion holds elections to choose their leaders for the next twelve months. The elected Garrison Commanding Officer then chooses troopers with particular skills or interests to help keep the Garrison running like the well-oiled machine it is. Nordic Garrison’s Command Team is made up of the following troopers:

Commanding Officer
TI 2096
Stein André Olsen

Executive Officer
SL 78810
Thomas Ar Rummelhoff

Garrison Membership Liaison
RC 29996
Kristoffer Almaas

Garrison Web Liaison
TK 50501
Even Ellingsen

Garrison Public Relations Officer
TS 9282
Jean E Bjornskau

Garrison Event Coordinator
DS 25028
Adrian Højfeldt

Garrison Charity Representative
SL 78810
Thomas Ar Rummelhoff

Garrison Merchandising & Branding Officer
TS 25160
Jørgen Ahlquist

Local contacts


For contact within a specific area, contact these people:

Finnish Garrison
Contact us here
John KristiansenSouthern Norway
Capital District Squad
John Kristiansen (SL 6213)
Contact us here
Northern Norway
Nidaros Imperial Squad
Sunniva Danielsen (ID 50147)
Contact us here
Swedish Garrison
Contact us here