Crimson Griffin Squad

Area of operation: Skåne

Squad Leader: Jonas Kempe (TB 2011)

We are a part of the 501st Legion Nordic Garrison costuming club and we cover the southern parts of Sweden. Our mission is to make the 501st Legion known throughout the southern parts of Sweden.

Squad Members:

TB 2011
Jonas Kempe

TS 2864
Eric Applehoff

TI 8046
Frans Nilsson

TK 10455
Fredrik Johansson

TK 12020
Johnny Johannesson

TK 12125
Jimmy Olofsson

TK 23341
Anders Nilsson

SL 50281
Classified information (private)

TK 66261
Christian Johansson

TB 87101
Max Tengberg

TI 94633
Mikael Reis Andersson