Trinity Squad

Area of operation: Stockholm. Uppsala and Västmanlands län

Squad Leader: Johannes Pedro (TI 54513)

Trinity Squad operates in Stockholms Län, Uppsala Län and Västmanlands Län. We want to help more people join Nordic Garrison, raise funds for those in need and have fun while we do it. As well as our regular official events such as Comic Con or Sci-Fi World, we have many other smaller events including hospital visits, birthday parties and so on. We also like to arrange armour parties to help new members build their first costume and help existing members to add more costumes or improve the ones they already have. Building costumes is pretty scary sometimes and it’s much nicer to do it with other people who have already made all the mistakes and know how to do something right the first time. Finally, we have social events where we meet to just talk, have fun and catch up with each other.

If you are interested in finding out more about Trinity Squad, please contact us using the link above.

Squad Members:

TB 850
Petter Zettergren

TK 2959
Mathias Rodstedt

TB 4975
Stefan Lindblom

SL 5573
Andrew Walker

TB 5891
Thommy Holmström

TR 6771
Fredrik Axelsson

TK 7959
Henrik Pilerud

TR 11632
Christian C Gill

CC 12851
Daniel Lönnheden

TK 12922
Sebastian Darrell

ID 13422
Stefan Thulin

ID 15610
Jakob Hellgren

DZ 18461
Jessika Narozniak

TK 23780
Jonas Abrahamson

TK 24269
Andreas Engstrom

TD 45677
Juho Korhonen

SL 47011
Henrik Andersson

TI 47101
Micke Askernäs

TI 54513
Johannes Pedro

DZ 55086
Anna Vikmanis

TK 79616
Mattias Eriksson

SL 80820
Danijel Djuric

TB 80840
Paula Morales

SL 82800
Lisa Villabona

TB 85023
Jessica Pedro

TK 92152
Pontus Klevebäck

TK 94012
Jenny Allberg

TI 96369
Martin Narozniak

BH 99665
Daniel Melin

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