Reel Icons: Join us

Benefits of being a member include organized events with access to dressing rooms and free entrance at many of the major Nordic conventions. Being part of a global community that helps and supports each other and have fun together. The great feeling of knowing our charity work benefits those in need.

Iconic characters from science-fiction, fantasy, magic, horror and super hero genres are our main focus. From all popular media such as, film and TV (both animated and live action), comics, games and theater. From all origins except Star Wars, who apply for membership in our partner organizations 501st Legion: Nordic Garrison  or Rebel Legion: Nordic Base instead.  The costume needs to be based on officially published sources, and not fan art.

Remote controlled robots are also a way to join. It needs to be able to move/interact and can not just be an immobile statue. The robot builder applies for membership the same way a costume is applied. Star Wars droid builders joins our partner organization the Swedish R2 Builders Club instead.

Uniform type costumes (Starfleet crew in Star Trek, Colonial Marines in Aliens, Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters, Street Judges from Judge Dredd, Survey Corps members in Attack on Titan and so on) does not have to portray a specific character from the origin. It does however need to be in the same style as those in the origin and fit in that universe.

The applicant needs to be 18 years old or above and live in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland. Underage people can join as Junior Members, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during events. The parent/guardian does not have to be a member, but must be 18 years old or above.

Membership is free. You are expected to attend at least one event per year.

Once a member, more costumes/robots can be added or new equipment added to an approved costume. Each new costume/robot or additional equipment needs to be approved.

Even before you are a member you can join our forum and there you can get help with your costume from our members. Click here to visit the forum. Once you are a member, more areas of the forum will be available.

Application step by step

Step 1: Check if the character is suitable.

Is your character new to Reel Icons? Send an e-mail with a picture and a short description of the character you have in mind. This can be done before you get the costume/robot, to make sure that character is something that fits within Reel Icons. Character approval has two levels, depending on how reconizable it is considered by our panel.

Main character: These are the well known characters. Can attend events alone.

Supporting character: These are the lesser known characters. Support characters may attend events on their own but must be with a main character if they are to appear in the photobooth.

Step 2: Get the costume/robot.

If the character is confirmed to be suitable for Reel Icons, you need your costume/robot. It can be bought or home made, as long as it is of high quality and you own it. We strive for what we call “screen accuracy”, in the mening that the costume is so close to the original that it looks like it just stepped out of the screen. We help each other as a community, through our forum, and can assist you in your build process.

Step 3: Get pictures of both your replica costume/robot and the original costume/robot.

Take pictures of you wearing the costume and gather up reference pictures of the original so it can be compared. Take your pictures in an even light (outside is often good) in front of a background that fits the character or a neutral background. Close ups of specific details such as props, make up and costume details are good. Make sure all major details are documented. Stand in a suitable pose for your character. If your costume has a helmet that covers your face, take a picture with the helmet off also. Robots are photographed the same way. (The applicant does not have to have the same body type or skin/hair color or gender as the original character. The costume however needs to fit and be proportionate to the wearer.)

Step 4: Send in your application and await approval.

Send all the pictures (or a link to where the pictures are all collected). In the e-mail you should also include:

  • Name of the character/robot and where it is from.
  • Your full name.
  • Post address.
  • Telephone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Forum name, if you have already registered. (Recommended.)
  • A link to a personal cosplay page/website if you have one.

(By applying you agree to have your information stored online for non public, internal use by Nordic Reel Icons.)

Await response. This might take a few weeks, but we try to work as quickly as we can. If not approved directly, we will help you with suggestions on how the costume/robot can be improved. When you are approved, sign up for events on the forum and join the fun!

Send your application to by clicking this link!