Reel Icons: The Council

Commanding Officer (CO)

Cathie Anderberg

Serves as the chief policy-maker and administrator. The CO is elected by the membership. The CO is the chief administrator and is responsible for the operations and the coordination of events. The CO also is responsible for assigning additional required council representatives, and administers forum rules.
Executive Officer (XO)

Sofia Ericsson

Assists CO with duties as needed. The XO is appointed by the CO. The XO may perform duties as assigned by the CO, and will assume leadership in the absence of the CO.
Captain of the Guard (COG)

Office held by ML

Resolves internal disputes, moderates the message forums, and oversees polls and elections.  The COG is appointed by the CO. The office of the COG interprets and enforces club rules. The office of the COG serves as an impartial mediator for disputes among members or officers, oversees disciplinary hearings and moderates elections.
Membership Liason (ML)

Cathie Anderberg, Linn Wåhlander, Sofia Ericsson

Facilitates membership requests and maintains local unit member profiles. The ML is appointed by the CO. The ML is responsible for reviewing and processing applications for membership and maintaining Garrison member information in the members register.
Web Liaison (WL)

Robert Eliason, Cathie Anderberg

Primarily responsible for obtaining and formatting local unit member photos. The WL is appointed by the Commanding Officer. The WL assists the ML in the preparation and management of the membership profiles and is directly responsible for the processing and management of the member profile Images.
Merchandise and Branding Officer (MBO)

Office held by WL

Reviews all merchandise for consistency and appropriateness. The MBO is appointed by the Commanding Officer. The office of the MBO oversees all merchandise operations. The MBO ensures that all merchandise projects adhere to rules and guidelines that govern use of images, pricing, and distribution.
Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Cathie Anderberg, Ulrich Lind

Serves as the advocate for public relations. The PRO is appointed by the Commanding Officer. The PRO assists the CO in promoting RI to the public. Continuously posts about our activities on social medias.

Assisting roles and definitions

Armorer (ARM)

Jonathan Lundkvist
(Stargate & Tom Clancy titles)
Robert Eliason

Assists costume/robot making with expertise in a certain costume/robot or universe. The ARM is appointed by the Commanding Officer. There can be any number of armorers.
Treasurer (TRS)

Office held by Nordic Garrison

Handles the accounting and funds. The TRS is appointed by the Commanding Officer.
Auditor (AUD)

Office held by Swedish Garrison

Checks the accounting.  The AUD is appointed by the Commanding Officer of Swedish Garrison. The AUD checks that the accounting is in order and reports to the Swedish Garrison council and Nordic Legions members.
Panel (PAN)

Robert Eliasson

Micke Askernäs

Jonas Kempe

Klaus Hjuler

Ann-Sofie Rexefjord

Sofia Ericsson

Robin Lindström

Åsa Åhlander

Decides which characters are suitable. Main characters can participate alone. Support characters needs to be accompanied by a main character.  The PAN is appointed by the Commanding Officer. The panel is made up of 3-9 people.