What do we do?

The Nordic Legions are 5 separate clubs with a lot of common interests.

  • We all enjoy building costumes, robots and props.
  • We all enjoy bringing joy to others.
  • We all spend time towards charity.

Many of us are part of two or more of the clubs and we are all friends!

But what do we actually do?

We attend all sorts of events from major conventions to small birthday parties and self-organised meet-ups and armour parties. Our members do not get paid for their appearances. Instead we ask the event hosts to help us with our charity work. This can be through having a stand at larger events where the public can get their photo taken with us or a direct donation for smaller events. There is no set price but we will always put a child’s happiness before a higher fee.

If you are interested in having us attend an event, please contact us.

Here are just a few examples of what we get up to…

Hospital visits and children organisations

A lot of our work goes towards charity, and the focus is often children.

Sci-fi and movie conventions

You have probably seen us at any of the sci-fi conventions, Comic Cons or local movie related conventions – if there is something we can relate to, we are there!

Movie premieres

If we have (or can make) the costumes from a new movie then we always try to attend the premier. Sometimes it is a fancy gala viewing with celebrities and lots of media but more often we just do our best to bring a smile to the people going to the cinema.

Celebrating special occasions

We love to be part of YOUR special occasions: birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries etc. Do you have a special event coming up? Why not add a few characters to bring it to life?


Armour parties

We meet regularly to spend some time together working on our costumes, robots and props. We help each other and people who want to join us as much as we can. If you want to join us, feel free to contact us!

Company events

If your company celebrates 10 years, opens a new office or has an autumn kick-off we can add that extra spice to the event. Just imagine having a few stormtroopers guarding the entrance, Tintin cutting the ribbon or an alien lurking in the surroundings!

Supporting celebrities/actors

When celebrities and actors are having meet and greets at conventions we often are asked to show up to brighten the day even more.

Film locations

And of course, if possible, we try to visit some of the locations where the movies where filmed.